Building self-care and prescription-only brands

Havas Helsinki has an extensive and proven track record in building healthcare brands in both over-the-counter self-care products and prescription-only products, giving us the experience to solve even the most complex of our client’s healthcare marketing challenges.

We plan and design everything from channel independent advertising concepts to conference stands, websites, social media campaigns, brochures, visual identities, sales presentations, sales competitions, internal marketing events, animations and films.

Case examples


Ratiopharm is the second biggest marketer of over-the-counter medicines in Finland. Havas Helsinki is Ratiopharm’s lead agency in the market area.

Ratiopharm’s visual concept for it’s over-the-counter products demonstrates the aches and pains we all experience felt through an animated character named Saikku. Saikku shows us that Ratiopharm is able to provide high quality and affordable solutions to the everyday health worries of Finns.


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Ibuxin is a product family of pain relievers. The products provide effective relief across a wide range of pains. Havas Helsinki created a new advertising and POS concept for the brand.


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