Full-service creative agency in Helsinki since 1967

Havas Helsinki is a full-service creative agency. Our roots in Finland as a creative agency go all the way back to the 1960s.

We strongly believe that every organization, product and service has an interesting story to tell. Our task is to find it and tell it.

We also believe that successful creative work captures something authentic about the brand. Our aim is to discover the human or business truth that connects to the target group and the zeitgeist.

Havas Helsinki works in close strategic and day-to-day co-operation with the other Havas agencies in the Nordics, especially Bizkit Havas in Stockholm, to offer a seamless experience for our clients operating in Finland and across all the Nordic countries.

Measurable business results are not a goal but a given part of our operations.

Learn more about the principles driving our creative work:

Creative Director Niklas Malmlund, niklas.malmlund@havas.com,
+358 44 0173997

Head of Creative Niko Suomalainen, niko.suomalainen@havas.com,
+358 40 450 1437

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