Don't let nicotine rule your life

The Voice of Addiction

A film for the Cancer Society of Finland gives nicotine addiction a voice to remember


Ex-Smoker Performs a Heart-Wrenching Cover of a Hit Song

“The Voice Of Addiction” is a film we created for The Cancer Society of Finland aiming to reduce the number of young people who start smoking by raising awareness on the dangers of nicotine addiction. In the film, a throat cancer survivor performs a heart-wrenching version of the hit song “Heroes (We Could Be)” by the pop idol Alesso.

Throat cancer is one the most horrifying consequences of smoking. The performance by the throat cancer survivor gives nicotine addiction a voice to remember, not only a sound but also a look that will stay in the heads of the target group and affect their decision making when choosing whether to use tobacco products or not.

The lead subject of the film Ossi Haajanen has sung all his life. Regardless of his deteriorated health, Ossi is still a karaoke enthusiast. The film is Ossi’s legacy to the youth of the world.

Nicotine is highly addictive. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to the addictive effects of nicotine because their brains are still developing.

The film was created by Havas Helsinki and produced by Cocoa Mediaproductions.

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