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The Runner


FinFami is the central organisation for Mental Health Caregivers’ Associations. It supports associations and groups in their activities and supports the interests of family members on a national scale.

When a family member becomes mentally ill, the lives of relatives are changed in many ways. Relatives go through different emotional stages: fear, sorrow, guilt, stigmatisation and anguish. Everyday responsibilities within the family have to be allocated again and relatives become caregivers. This makes it harder for the caregiver to work and causes economic problems, stress and exhaustion. There is no support from society for these caregivers and they feel isolated, trapped and alone.

FinFami asked Havas to create a piece of film content that highlights this problem for use in their campaigns, lobbying and in social media. Havas worked together with Cocoa Media Productions to create The Runner which launched in September 2016 at the Love and Anarchy Film festival.

FinFami, Havas and Cocoa are grateful to artist Ville Virtanen aka Darude for permission to rework his techno dance classic Sandstorm as soundtrack for The Runner

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