Building a powerful pharmaceutical brand

Good-value high-quality medicines

Ratiopharm, part of the global Teva Group, is a market leader in over-the-counter medicines and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. Ratiopharm has one of the widest ranges in the international pharmaceutical market, covering almost all fields of therapy. The Ratiopharm brand is known for good-value high-quality medicines.

Ratiopharm asked Havas Helsinki to create a channel independent consumer advertising concept for Ratiopharm’s over-the-counter selfcare products. And a complementary concept for the generic prescription-only products targeted to medical professionals.

Both concepts rely strongly on animated characters. The empathic characters were created in cooperation with some of Finland’s best character designers.

The advertising concepts were developed to strengthen the brand’s position in the Finnish market, to differentiate, and to especially to help build a more emotional connection with Ratiopharm.

For the over-the-counter products we created a character who represents the Finnish everyman and displays the attributes of the Finnish personality, confronting pain discomfort and physical hardships with a brave face a small smile and never give up attitude. The character demonstrates how we feel symptoms of illness or discomfort. For the prescription only products the focus is on the treatment of illness, visualized through characters that represent the illness itself.

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